Bake, Frost and Paint this Frida Kahlo-inspired Cake

Watch Milkmoon Kitchen build towering cake creations filled with fluffy buttercream and innovative sugar-based architecture.

A birthday cake fit for Frida

When portraiture meets buttercream.

Bake a palette of colorful cakes

Don’t be shy with the pigment; you want these cakes to pop!

Whip up some beautiful buttercream

Fluffy Italian meringue makes this frosting luscious yet sturdy for a stable base.

First, trim your chilled cakes

No domes! We want flat discs of cake for a perfect stack.

Layers on layers

Slice your big cakes into smaller layers for awe-inspiring slice artistry.

Stack a sculptural tower of cake

Keep going! Don't be shy.

Time to trim

You should snack on any cake scraps to fuel your artistic fervor.

Prime Your Canvas

Paint on a smooth layer of vivid blue buttercream. Stop now if you’re going for the minimalist look.

The Edge of Glory

But don’t sweat it if they’re not razor-sharp, it’s all about personal interpretation.

Trade your apron in for a smock

We’re painting (frosting) on this cake!

Pipe some buttercream blossoms

Plucked straight from Frida’s garden.

Crown your cake with Frida’s iconic florals

Add some filler leaves and buds for a full, lush look.

Set the stage

Give proper homage to the artist herself.

Finally, reveal your genius to the world

Cue collective jaw-dropping at your next exhibition.

Meet The Ultraslice

Take a moment, admire the perfect composition, refined aesthetics and museum-worthy quality.

Now sit back and enjoy your masterpiece

This cake tastes a lot better than an oil painting, so dig in!

It's your turn

What work of art will you create?