Dave's Yeast Rolls

Recipe by CoolChef
READY IN: 2hrs 14mins
YIELD: 24 rolls




  • FORMING THE ROLLS. The recipe will make 24 rolls. To get even sized rolls, I cut the dough in half on a cutting board, then divide evenly again to 4 pieces, and once more to get 8 lumps of dough. I then form each piece into a log shape and cut 3 even bits of dough from each of 8 lumps (gets me my 24 and keeps them even sized).
  • Forming each individual roll is an art you'll have to practice. I keep a small bowl of flour available to "dip and flip" each bit of dough into to make it easy to form. Take the bit of dough, form a circle with your fingers using the index finger and thumb, then with the other hand push the bit of dough up from the bottom through your finger circle, tightening it up so you have to force the dough through. This will stretch and smooth the ball. Repeat this several times, rotating the dough ball each time, then pinch the formed ball off at the bottom.
  • If you're struggling with forming the rolls above, try flouring the dough bits well and then roll the dough bit around between your palms to form the ball. You can practice the other technique as you try the recipe a few times.
  • Place the formed rolls in a greased pan (I grease with real butter) evenly spaced. I use a dark cookie sheet and evenly space the rolls 4 in a row.
  • Cover with a clean kitchen towel and let the formed rolls rise in a warm spot for about an hour (until about double in size). I preheat my oven to 350 and set the rolls on the stove top after covering for my nice warm space.
  • After allowing to rise, bake for about 14 minutes at 350 (or until medium browned on top). It's important to preheat first!
  • Remove from oven (keep rolls in pan) and very lightly baste with melted butter, cover and let cool (around 30 minutes), then enjoy!
  • You won't taste a better yeast roll! You can use this recipe for cinnamon rolls too.