Darned Near Sugar Free No-Bake Pies

"Okay, the no-bake is misleading, as you do have to bake the pie crust, but this is so trouble-free, and tastes so darned good. It's decadence for a diabetic, and a special treat for those special events. This is being posted for the 4th of July [hopefully], but you can substitute any fruit topping you wish for this recipe. I've used fresh diced cherries, orange slices [blended in 1 box sugar free orange gelatin into the top mixture for this], lemon [same as oranges], pears [used lime with this], etc. Use your imagination and let the fruit complement the day. If you aren't concerned with sugar/carbs, try Comstock brand pie fillings on top!"
photo by Pagan photo by Pagan
photo by Pagan
Ready In:
2 pies


  • 8 ounces whipped topping (Cool Whip has 1 g sugar per 2 TBSP! Lite has 2 g sugar, as does Fat-Free!)
  • 8 ounces fat free cream cheese
  • 12 cup artificial sweetener (we use Altern granules)
  • 12 cup raspberries, fresh is best but frozen is fine
  • 12 cup blueberries, fresh is best but frozen is fine
  • 12 cup pecans, chopped, pecan pieces are my favorite but almost any nut will do well
  • 2 pie crusts, may be substituted for 1 deep dish


  • Prebake your pie shells according to directions.
  • In a blender [or with a mixer] combine all ingredients but the shells and fruit until blended smooth and all lumps are removed. Halve mixture into two small bowls.
  • Fold nuts into first half, stir until mixed, and divide this half again between pie shells [or for deep dish, deposit into bottom of baked shell until 1/2 filled].
  • Gently layer other half without nuts over nut mixture. Top with fruit, chill, and serve. It's good to let pies chill overnight, or during the day for 4 hours or so.
  • 8 servings per normal pie shell [=16] or 12 servings per deep dish. Baking time is for the pie shells.

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  1. I think you are a genius-==your ratio fruits etc-is excellrnt-i have to say I did it with whole fruit as I dont prefer blended but you are still a genius. !!!!


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