Collard Greens - It's Good for You!

"Collards are among the oldest members of the cabbage family! Vegetarians can skip the bacon and use smoke flavoring and use a veggie broth in place of the chicken broth. I find this is one green that you do have to cook a while. The flavor is between cabbage and kale. They are low in calories. A rich source of fiber, vitamin C and calcium, and protects you against cancer."
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  • In a deep pot brown bacon add onion and garlic and optional sugar to fried bacon.
  • Add collards layering with spices to fried bacon add broth and cover pot and cook until tender over medium heat for about 30 minutes.
  • Taste and adjust seasonings.

Questions & Replies

  1. Thanks for the recipe. I confess, I grew some, but wasn't sure exactly how to cook it.... I'm assuming I cut the washed collard leaves up into bite size pieces to make the 8 cups? Or after it is cooked?


  1. I did not use this recipe for my collards, but mine mirrored this recipe except for the sugar although I did not measure anything. It was just what I threw together and they are so very good this way. Melt in your mouth tender, and packed full of flavor.
  2. I had a bag of fresh collards from the fam share to use. My family isn't crazy about them normally, but they seemed to like these. Doubled the garlic. Didn't measure the collards. I just used what I had. Left out the optional brown sugar and reduced the red pepper flakes by half. DD said she would have liked them more if I also reduced the amount of black pepper. It's all about taking a good basic recipe and adjusting it to what your family prefers. Thanks for this recipe that got them to eat their greens.
  3. Wow!!!!!! Good for U, Great tasting, Quick and Easy...doesn't get much better than that. My family had always cooked the collards in a large pot of boiling water seasoned with a ham hock. They boiled the greens so long, I am sure they boiled all the nutrients out. This recipe, the greens were actually still green and full of vitamins when done. I tell ya, the stock made a huge difference in the taste here. Will def be using this recipe from now on.
  4. Absolutely delicious recipe!! I think the brown sugar is needed, if you pepper correctly...hahhaha spicy and a hint of sweet. I made, per the recipe.. and then as all were simmering and reducing, I added two shakes of a good balsamic vinegar ( less than 1/4 c), an awesome addition, as I think I had two more slices of bacon and the acid countered the additional meat. This is a fabulous recipe ! Thanks for sharing it!!
  5. I made two additions to the recipe I added a ham hock since I had purchased it for the collard greens and a sprinkling of dried red pepper. I was not sure about the brown sugar and thought it made the broth a bit sweet. I cooked it long and slow until the flavors melded and the greens were tender. This was perfect and I will definitely make it again.


  1. Who knew collard greens could taste so good? I made using 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a drop of smoke flavoring instead of using bacon. I also replaced the chicken stock with vegetable broth. The flavor of this recipe is wonderful! Thanks again, Rita, for another wonderful recipe!
  2. Surprised no one use smoked turkey great low fat substitute.Also i like the stems and all. lay out leaves on top of each other, roll and slice then slice through the roll up collards. Bagged greens are marginal at best,Condo cook,
  3. I skip the bacon, salt and cook them in my pressure cooker for 25 minutes after browning the onions and garlic with three smoked turkey wings which give them plenty of salty flavor.
  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I used a habanero pepper instead of black pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. I opted out of the brown sugar, and it was delicious.
  5. Fantastic! I spent some time in Texas over the past year and tried a lot of collards, and this was the first time I got them to taste like the "real" stuff. I love them spicy and soft, with a good broth. I tried this recipe and had to use water instead of broth, but it still turned out great (and I love the addition of brown sugar - so worth it).



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