Chuck's Chicken Juice

READY IN: 5mins
SERVES: 10-14
YIELD: 1 Quart




  • Whisk egg and cooking oil together.
  • Blend in all the rest and whisk well.
  • Notes:
  • When grilling chicken baste with juice each time you turn chicken.
  • You can't over baste with this so don't worry.
  • Chicken will be done when you can twist the leg and thigh bone and it pull apart from the body.
  • Poultry seasoning comes in many brands.
  • Try to find one that will give you a nice color when grilling.
  • Mine is a regional local made brand and always helps for a nice appearance.
  • Several people have told me it's great by adding a little hot sauce to it as well.
  • Makes 1 quart.
  • Does between 10-14 halves.
  • Keeps in a covered jar in the fridge for several months.