Chocolate Marble Cake

Recipe by natasha
READY IN: 50mins
SERVES: 8-10




  • Chocolate mixture: Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • In a separate bowl mix the flour and the cocoa powder.
  • Add a few spoons of the flour mixture; mix and then beat in an egg do this continuously until the eggs and flour mixture have finished.
  • If the mixture is too dry add the milk.
  • White mixture: cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy add some flour then beat in an egg. Do this until the eggs and flour have finished.
  • Butter and flour a baking tray 24cm by 24cm.
  • Put blobs of the chocolate mixture into the tray and then do the same with the white mixture.
  • Get a butter knife and slowly mix the mixture in the tray (not so it goes light brown) so it forms a spiral of white and brown.
  • Put it in the oven for about half an hour on gas mark 6.
  • When the cake is nearly cooked get some plain chocolate and melt over a pan of boiling water.
  • Get out the cake.
  • When it is cooled down, spread the melted chocolate over the top of the cake then sprinkle with coconut powder.