Chili Sin Carne

READY IN: 1hr 20mins
YIELD: 6 portions




  • chop onions in pretty big pieces, heat some olive oil in a big pot and let the onions fry on high heat until they brown a little bit.
  • in the meantime, remove the core from the peppers and cut them in big chunks.
  • put them to the onions and fry them together.
  • half the chili peppers, remove the core, cut halves in stripes and put them into the pot.
  • put in the soybeans and red lentils and fry everything together for a few minutes.
  • if everything is well fried and the bottom of the pot beginns to brown, pour in the beer/wine.
  • let it reduce for about 3min, still on high heat.
  • reduce the heat to medium and pour in all the cans (no need to strain) and put in all spices.
  • dissolve the chocolate into the pot and mix thoroughly.
  • let everything simmer for about 1h with no lid, check regularly to mix well because it tends to scorch - rule of thumb: the longer it sits on the stove > the thicker it gets > the lower the heat should be.
  • it's done, when the consistency isn't runny anymore.
  • Serve chili with guacamole, slices of chili peppers and fresh bread (gluten-free when needed).