Chicago Hot Relish

"This is my husband's recipe. He makes lots of this every summer as our girls love it and so do we. It is so good with ham & beans and fried taters, mmm. It is also good on hot dogs and many other things."
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Ready In:
8 pints




  • Chop first 4 ingredients (not salt); add salt and mix well.
  • Put in cheesecloth and hang over drip pan overnight (throw out juices).
  • In the morning, add celery, mustard seed, vinegar and sugar; mix well.
  • Can without cooking. First wash jars well, then scald jars and lids. Put the cold relish in the hot jars and put the hot lids on. The jars will not pop & seal, but the salt, vinegar and sugar will preserve this relish for up to 6 months (if it lasts that long at your house--it doesn't at ours).

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  1. This is really good!!!! I had to quarter the recipe because I had 2 qts. of frozen tomatoes left from summer that I HAD to use. Also, I did grind everything in my food processor to "small chunk" stage. Can't wait for summer (and ripe tomatoes) to come to make some more. Think I'll actually can it next time for gifts as well. Added 9/08--made this again and put it in 1/2 pint jars for gifts. The only problem is that I don't want to give it away because it's so good!
  2. Wish I could pick lottery numbers the way I pick winning recipes....This relish is amazing...such a nice fresh tasting relish with a punch of heat...was great with roast pork...thanks to Hubby for a great relish & to you for posting it...
  3. This is a fabulous recipe for hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. Now I just have to get busy and make some more.
  4. I've been making this recipe for years,but my version seems easier to do. Ingredients are about the same (I use more hot peppers), and I quickly peel my tomatoes in boiling water (who wants the skins) Then I just pulse/chop all my veggies in the food processor, put into a large non-reactive pot, add the vinegar,sugar etc, simmer until reduced to desired consistancy. Pour into hot, sterile jars. I do all this in one day. Either way, it's yummy stuff.
  5. ALL OF 5 STARS! I really love this stuff. I made a quarter batch to try it I will be making more today!


I would like to let you all know that I am no longer able to review your recipes that I have tried. since they changed the site around webtv does not supprt zaars new site.I have a webtv not a computer and webtv does not support the new recipezaar site. so I will no longer be able to review your great recipes,nor will I be able to put my own recipes on here.Please don't think I wouldn't like to review your recipes,it was one of the nice parts of zaar that I did enjoy doing. So please forgive!!! I am Married to the same guy for 40 years,I Have 2 beautiful Daughters, who have given me 6 grand and glorious grandchildren. I love to cook,in fact you could call it my favorite hobby My pet peeve is telemarketers,Every time I get busy with my recipe hobby one of them will call and knock me off the web,and of coarse I waste precious time getting back on.I am disabled,so I no longer work,and have plenty of time to pursue my hobby. My best dish I make is Lasagna but thats just because I love lasagna.I am also asked to bring No-Bake cookies at all of our potlucks, and linger-longers at church.Meat loaf is another often requested dish I am asked to bring...... NOT MY meatloaf but .... My husbands. He is as good a cook as I am,He can cook anything I can cook, and I can cook anything he can cook,but some things I make better,and some He makes better...So we do a lot of compromising at our house.
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