Cabbage and Potatoes With Turkey Bacon

READY IN: 30mins




  • Wash all vegetables. Heat 1.5 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet on medium heat. Fry your bacon in the skillet until cripsy. While your bacon is frying, cut, peel, and cube your potatoes. (You may leave the skin on them if you prefer.) This doesn't have to be perfect but the cubes must be close to the same size for even cooking. Once the bacon is cooked, set aside. Reduce your heat to the notch right below medium (so like between medium and medium-low). Immediately add the potatoes to the hot skillet.
  • While the potatoes are frying, cut your onion into thin-to-medium slices. Again, this doesn't have to be perfect. Turn your potatoes, they should be a nice golden brown. Once your potatoes are cooked through, add your onion. Turn potatoes and onion so that the onion is on the bottom of the skillet getting most of the heat. You may use the additional oil or oil spray at this time if your food is sticking to the skillet. Thinly slice the cabbage while the onions are cooking. Add the cabbage to the top of the potato and onion mixture. Crumble the bacon over the cabbage. This will give it that smoked flavor. If you are using the sugar, sprinkle it over the cabbage mixture at this time. Also add the pepper and garlic powder. The steam and heat created will rehydrate the bacon so it will not end up crunchy.
  • Reduce the heat on your skillet to medium-low so as not to burn the potatoes or the onion. The heat will begin to cook the cabbage. Let that cook for 5 minutes. Turn the cabbage so that it is now on the bottom of the skillet getting most of the heat and the potato mixture is on the top. Essentially you are surrounding the raw cabbage in a cocoon of heat. Let this cook for about 8-10 minutes. You may lengthen this time if you like your cabbage softer or shorten this time if you like your cabbage a little crunchy. During this time, turn the mixture once or twice. You don't want to turn it too much because your potatoes will begin to fall apart. Season with sea salt to taste. Enjoy!
  • Optional: Pair with green beans, peppers or other vegetables for a complete meal or use as a side dish.