Butterfinger Pie

"This chilled pie will be gone right before your eyes. I would buy 8 Butterfingers. One to crush on top of the pie. One to eat."
photo by Jonathan Melendez photo by Jonathan Melendez
photo by Jonathan Melendez
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Ready In:
1 Pie




  • Mix first three ingredients together.
  • Put it in pie crust.
  • Chill.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can this be made with Snickers?
  2. How long does it need to chill For? It's been in the fridge for 3.5 hours and is still very soupy
  3. Hello, my daughter is having twins on Monday. I am making freezer meals for her and her husband and want to make this pie for them because it's his favorite pie. My question is, when I make this pie and freeze it, how long can it be frozen for and after it's thawed, will it be good or will it breakdown?
  4. has anyone made this with a substitution for "Cool Whip" (yuk!). With real whipped cream, perhaps??
  5. Does the cream cheese need to he softened?


  1. Try using other candy bars. Heath bars work great.
  2. Boy, did this ever go over good!! This is the easiest and quickest pie to make! Everyone loved it! I used 7 candy bars, crushed all of them and saved some for sprinkling on top. It took about an hour to chill. The crunchy bits and the creamy Cool Whip was a great combination. Thanks Braunda, for another permanent recipe in my collection!
  3. If you enjoy a light, fluffy, creamy tasting pie, this is the one for you! Beautifully presented with crushed butterfinger candy decorating the top and with my own addtion of fresh mint leaves to garnish each slice. Braunda, what a delightful combination and so very easy to make! Thanks for a wonderfully simple dessert!
  4. This pie was so-o-o easy to make and the taste is fabulous! I think it actually tastes better the second day! Definitely a keeper!
  5. this was an absolute hit! no effort at all, and only 4 ingredients! this is definatley a keeper. you can throw it together really fast, and it cost practically nothing to make! and it tasted just great! if you love butterfingers, or even if you don't, i highly recommend this pie!


  1. I have always used reese's peanut buttter cups instead of butterfingers, but I am sure the taste is very similar. This is always requested for get togethers.
  2. also a nice twist is to sub coconut meringue for cream cheese....yum...or put vanilla icecream instead of cream cheese.
  3. Good with Snickers bars instead of Butterfinger.
  4. I'm usually grilling or cooking something.. That usually involves meat. My first try at dessert making. I work in snack retail. We actually got a good deal on butterfinger bites. Have always thought Butterfingers would be the bomb in a pie. I have looked at a few recipes. Like this one. But I'm going to add peanut butter and maybe chocolate. I'll post my results. First time pie
  5. What size pie shell?


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