Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad

"I love this recipe and was surprised to not find it on Recipezaar! What makes it so different is the red wine vinegar. It makes such a colorful presentation and is good all seasons of the year! The dish is alway cleaned before it leaves the table! Enjoy! Note about bacon: I use Hormel Real Crumbled Bacon from a bag to save on prep and it is just as good."
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  • After rinsing well, combine chopped cauliflower and broccoli in large a bowl. Toss in onion, cheese and bacon pieces.
  • In a separate bowl, mix together the mayo, sugar and red wine vinegar. Coat the dry ingredients well with the mayo mixture. Everything should be coated but not so much that the mixture becomes soupy.
  • All of the prep can be done ahead of time, but the mix is better when everything is crisp so don't toss together til close to time of serving.

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  1. SPRING PAC 2009: This recipe is wondeful. I had a dish similiar to this at one of the "cafeteria" type restaurants years ago so I was very interested in trying this one. I was VERY impressed. The group I served it to was also very impressed. The melding of the flavors takes a little while, so if you can, make it a little ahead of time and allow it to blend before serving.


I have loved to experiment with food for as long as I can remember. I was lucky enough to have a Mother who would endulge me to create my on concoctions as a child. Some edible, and some not! She would also let me help as I could, and I do the same for mine too. There was a time in my adult life when cooking did not take prescedence over running my own business and 3 girls schedules taking our family in 50 different directions! I found this website in hopes of new creative recipes, but ended up with so much more. I now sit down on Sunday, create my mealplan for the week from the recipes saved in my cookbooks, send it to the shopping list, add any other essentials (milk, bread, etc.), head off to the grocery nd I'm set for the coming week with very little planning time. It's not the prep time that bothers me once I'm home from my busy day, it's the coordination of what to serve for the meal itself! I love using the crockpot for my maindishes. You know it's bad when my 6yr old says "We aren't eating 'AT' the crockpot again are we?" The crockpot is not just an object in my kitchen, it is a perminent location! Whether it be for my family, friends, church family or neighbors, cooking is my therapy and I love it...even when it turns out bad! And it has! <img src="">
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