Breakfast in a Mug

"I came across this recipe and had to give it a try. What a delicious and easy way to have eggs. This is a great recipe to teach the kids to make so they can make breakfast on their own. *I wanted to add that veggie spray works well and I most often use 1 whole egg and 1 egg white mixed together for a healthier approach- you can't tell the difference!"
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  • Place butter in 12 oz. microwave safe mug or small bowl.
  • Microwave on High 30-45 seconds, or until melted.
  • Add egg (s), milk, salt and pepper.
  • Stir or whip with a fork.
  • Microwave one egg on High 35 to 45 seconds; two eggs 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 minutes, or until eggs begin to set, stirring with fork to break apart after half of the time.
  • Remove eggs when they are still soft and moist. (you may have to play with the time depending on your microwave) Let stand about 2 minutes.
  • While eggs are standing crumble bacon and add to eggs.
  • Eggs will firm up while standing.
  • If desired sprinkle with shredded cheese during standing time.

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  1. I had a few extra minutes this morning and decided to add a little something to my usual breakfast of whole grain toast and peanut butter. This recipe has been in my cookbook for some time, and I am glad that I finally tried it. I used real butter, skim milk, only 1 egg, sharp cheddar cheese and no bacon (didn't have any that was cooked...and didn't have time to deal with it). This was a very quick and easy way to get the fluffy scrambled eggs that I love. It was a major bonus not to have to take the time to stand at the stove and stir, stir, stir. I could toss the mug in the microwave and continue putting together my lunch. Great quick meal for busy mornings!
  2. I use this recipe so I dont have to wake up my mom or dad when I want eggs. I love this with a little mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. Thanks for the recipe.
  3. My mother always made this for me as a child and I still love it! To save even more time and calories I now spray the mug with buttered flavored PamYou can add different items to taste. Its like and omelette in a mug! Thanks for posting a great recipe!
  4. I've made this every day this week, and the amazing part is that it's SO EASY to change it. This is pretty much just a recipe to point out that you can do this. I added bacon one day, sausage another, bread after that... changed the milk amount, added oregano and parsley. If you have a busy schedule(or have to wake up at 3am like me) and don't feel like taking the time to make breakfast but you still want an actual breakfast, do this! You won't be sorry! (Also useful to use a mug with a lid and save some for later!) I also cooked some bacon and sausage a couple days in advance and put it in the fridge, added them to the eggs right before the last warm up. So literally the only dirty dishes I have after making this is the fork and the mug!
  5. This recipe is awesome! My dad used to make this for us growing up, just slightly differently. He ripped half a slice of bread and mixed it in with the eggs before putting them in the microwave. Made it this way for my kids for Easter breakfast and it was a hit! It made it a little more filling :) Thanks for sharing!


  1. i have made this three times now. we have a psyco microwave which has made it difficult to get the eggs "just right." However, this is a great quick way to make an egg or two for breakfast. I've been using a squirt of low fat cooking spray instead of butter. I also liked a tsp of salsa and cheese on my eggs. Another idea i used was to put the eggs on a whole wheat english muffin with a slice of fat free cheese to make a quick breakfast sandwich. YUM!



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