Best Corned Beef/ Silverside on the Planet.

"I didn't post this family recipe here earlier because I thought that everyone made corned beef/silverside like I did LOL... Now I did a search to look for duplicates and found none! WELL folks, you gotta try this... this is to die for... get ready to drool. In fact, if your pieces of beef are smaller, do two and pop them both in the pot at once :) NOTE: for more information on a question raised especially for this recipe please see topic:"
photo by itscolleen photo by itscolleen
photo by itscolleen
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Ready In:
2hrs 15mins




  • Take the corned beef/silverside out of the plastic wrapping and wash it off in cold water. (makes it less slippery and easier to handle).
  • Take the whole cloves and stick the little spike part of each clove well into the meat. (sometimes you need to make a little hole into the meat with the point of a veggie knife in order to get it in). Stud the entire piece of meat evenly with cloves, using more than 40 of them if necessary).
  • Put the golden syrup into the bottom of a large tall saucepan (I use a big soup pot).
  • Put the meat into the pot, add the bay leaf and pepper, halve the oranges and squeeze them to get some juice out over the meat, drop the squeezed oranges into the pot as well.
  • Cover with water and simmer for 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on how big the piece of meat is -- even a small bit does really well on low for 1.5-2 hours. Top up the water if necessary.
  • Take out and rest the meat for 10 minutes. Pick out what cloves you can (they are really there for flavour, not to be eaten) Cut across the grain. (if you do it the wrong way your "slice" of meat will fall into 1000 tiny pieces so just turn the meat around and cut at right angles to your first cut if that happens.).
  • Cut it into thin slices. Serve with mustard sauce (if you can already keep your hands from nibbling it off plate).
  • Prepare to taste corned beef like you've never tasted it before -- ummmmm --.
  • Serves 4 in theory, but I have to confess that DH and I we could eat one small one each. <blush> LOL nibble, nibble, just a little bit more, nibble, nibble, opps , gone!
  • Served cold, it also makes great sandwiches -- but in our house there's rarely enough left over to make a sandwich :).

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  1. So yummy!! Super moist and tender, couldn't stop myself from picking and eating it. Though I didn't have golden syrup, I used honey instead and it turned out very nice. Also I cut down on cloves and orange. I used 1 orange and probably 20 cloves as my meat was a little smaller than the recipe. Served it with mustard sauce ( I put some horseradish cream in for an extra flavour ( I foundmustard suace itself a little too bland). Will definitely cook it again and again!!
  2. This is the best recipe for corned beef. i never thought that so many cloves could make it aste so good. I have cooked this for others and they've said the same thing. it's a winner.
  3. Have tried corned silverside other ways but after making this numerous times I have to say this truly is the best on the planet!!! We've passed this recipe onto others who have happily raved about it to no end - thanks :)
  4. Yummo, I agree with the description! This is much more flavoursome that the usual vinegar based cooking methods. I also included a few vegetables in the pot and it gave them a great flavour as well, although you wouldn't want to use any of the stronger tasting vegertables. I used carrots, celery and corn cobs.
  5. Yum!! The juiciest corned beef around. I have to admit only cooking corned beef a few times due to my DH thinking his Mother makes the best around so I hadn't even bothered to compete...well did I show him with this recipe! Instead of studding the beef with the cloves I just tossed them in along with the oranges (my family isn't too keen with the strong flavour of cloves)and you still got plenty of flavour from them without it being overpowering. Thanks for sharing.


  1. My mums recipe from her farm days. Place piece of silverside/brisket in large pot add water so that meat is covered. Add half cup vinegar, 5 cloves, 2 bay leaves, carrot,1 onion peeled, tablespoon of brown sugar. Bring slowly to boil, boil for 20 minutes then remove from stove place on wooden cutting board which is covered with heavy towels or blankets. Proceed to wrap pot up completely and leave for 8 hours. When time for night meal remove from wrapping take out of pot and crave to your liking. BE CAREFUL AS POT IS STILL VERY HOT. Left over meat put back into water and left there to go cold, doing this meat becomes very moist and is delicious. This method of cooking saves on gas/ electricity. Sauce: 2 tablespoons of sugar. 1 desert spoon of butter. 6 tablespoons (or what you require) of corned water. 3 tablespoons of vinegar (or what you require) 1 teaspoon mustard (or what your taste requirements are) place all ingredients into saucepan along with a well beaton egg or two depending on how much sauce you require.DO NOT BOIL. ENJOY
  2. Pressure cooker works in half the time: 55 minutes electric includes time to build up pressure. Don't like clove much so tweaked for 1.1kg silverside: 8-10 cloves studded Black peppercorns 1 tbsp 1 star anise (optional) 1 orange: juice and peel (I left out the pith in case of bitterness) Texture still had a bit of chew, tender enough to cut with breakfast knife. Enough water to just cover (around 4 cups) Carrots & corn would have made it tastier, for sure
  3. BEST CORNED BEEF EVER!!! I used BooZB Jim Beam honey in place of the golden syrup. Instead of adding the veggies to the pot, I cooked them separately (see pic). I made roasted lemon pepper cabbage, purple rosemary roasted potatoes, and ginger glazed carrots. Normally my kids pick at corned beef and cabbage - and I only make it on St Patrick's Day... tired of tons of uneaten leftovers, we thought we'd bump it up a knotch. WOW!!! It was devoured. Nothing was left! They actually asked it I could make it again! This might be a more than "once a year" dish. Thanks for sharing it!



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