BBQ Sauce: Sweet and Spicy

Recipe by rosie316
READY IN: 12mins
YIELD: 2 cups




  • Combine all ingredients except red pepper flakes in a small size sauce pan. Whisk while heating over a medium-low flame. Once sugar is dissolved, add in red pepper flakes. Simmer 5 minutes, whisking often.
  • Once everything is incorporated, and you've adjusted the taste to your liking, let cool completely and store in an air tight jar for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator (that's the longest it ever lasted in our house, it may stay fresh longer). If not using right away, mix sauce well, before using. (Nicely fills a recycled and cleaned, 16oz olive jar for storing in the fridge).
  • *Note: While the ingredients have time to meld together in the fridge, the flavor will change a bit. Keep this in mind while tasting during the preparation. A little bit hot will get hotter -- a little bit sweet will get sweeter.
  • Enjoy!