Banana Burrito (Ww)

"A quick snack or breakfast. From Weight Watchers. This is from an OLD WW plan of my mother's and points weren't given, but thanks, senseicheryl, for calculating them. 5 WW Pts."
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  • Lay tortilla on flat surface and spread evenly with peanut butter and jam.
  • Sprinkle with coconut.
  • Place banana on edge of tortilla and roll up to enclose.
  • Wrap loosely in paper towel and microwave on high for 30-35 seconds.
  • Unwrap from paper towel and enjoy!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Devin F.
    How many points is this?


  1. broke student
    I made this on a whole wheat "carb balance" tortilla and used all natural peanut butter with half of a banana (sliced) and several fresh strawberries (sliced). It was delicious! Both my girlfriend and I loved it!
  2. rlocati1
    This is a favorite I have been doing with variations for awhile but never microwaved before-so a new addition. I use pb2 powdered peanut butter and skip jelly and coconut in favor of cinnamon and something textured which adds a lot in my opinion. I got idea from another recipe like this -add sprinkle of fiber one or I like Kamut puffs from Natures Path. Jelly good too or apple butter unsweetened. Have even added shredded carrots, or apple instead of many variations. Thank you for yours.
  3. Dreamer in Ontario
    This is a lovely, simple breakfast idea. It makes a great little 'take along' meal. Made for Ramadan tag.
  4. HokiesMom
    What a terrific idea. I grew up loving peanut butter and banana sandwiches but with this version I can still have the taste without all the calories. I used a whole-wheat, low-fat tortilla, smooth peanut butter, and just a small amount of seedless raspberry preserves. Such an inexpensive and easy lunch to throw together. I am going to make this for my son to take to school too - just a nice new twist for him. Thanks for sharing!
  5. loof751
    Great and satisfying treat! I used a lowfat, low carb whole wheat tortilla and crunchy peanut butter that was not lowfat. The coconut in this was a nice surprise. Thanks for sharing the recipe for this tasty snack!


  1. Mandy
    I kept forgetting to buy tortillas so did this on bread instead. Both toddler DD & I enjoyed this for a special lunch. The coconut wasn't all that detectable though so I would probably add more for my tastes next time. Thanks for posting this yummy high protein & potassium treat.
  2. Brooke the Cook in
    Yum-o! This was a fun and easy lunch today. I used sf blackberry jam (it was already open) and a reduced calorie whole wheat pita instead of the tortilla (I have tortilla's in the freezer, now I have something to make with them!).... In any event, I loved it! I don't think you can go wrong with peanut butter, banana's and coconut! One teaspoon of coconut was not very much and didn't add a lot to the taste, since there aren't very many calories in unsweetened coconut, I'd sprinkle a few more on. Oh, and next time I would halve the 1/2 banana and lay the two quarters end to end to cover the entire length of the pita. Thanks for sharing this simple lunch and/or snack! Made for Photo Tag.


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