Baby Pacifiers (shower Favors)

READY IN: 20mins


  • 2
    (13 ounce) bags of white individually wrapped Lifesavers candies (wintergreen, peppermint, your choice)
  • 2
    dozen jelly belly jelly beans, about 1/2 cup,colors will vary,depending on whether you know the sex of the baby or not,possibilitie
  • 6
    ounces tube white cake icing, not the gel,that doesn't dry completely,with a thin attachment for application
  • 24
    lengths of thin curling ribbon, can coordinate with your jellybean colors if you'd like,length to your liking,long enough to fit aro (approx. 24")


  • Unwrap all the Lifesavers.
  • Take one Lifesaver and apply a thin layer of frosting around the inner hole.
  • Grab a jellybean and place one of the short, ROUND ends in it, so the length of the jellybean is coming out of the hole.
  • Flip the Lifesaver over.
  • On the other side, take the frosting and make a slightly thicker (yet still on the thin side) layer of frosting around the inner hole/center, and place another Lifesaver perpendicular attaching edge of 2nd Lifesaver to center of 1st Lifesaver with jellybean attached to it.
  • Place on flat surface and allow to dry.
  • After drying for 3-4 hours, thread curling ribbon through the hole of the 2nd Lifesaver and tie in a knot.