April Fools' Day Fooled Ya Hot Dog in a Bun

"Found this fun kids idea in the April 2006 Parents magazine. See my Fooled Ya French Fry recipe and serve them both together! Great April Fool's joke to play on someone (except those with nut allergies)!"
April Fools' Day  Fooled Ya Hot Dog in a Bun created by KateL
Ready In:


  • 1 banana
  • 13 cup creamy peanut butter, to taste
  • 1 hot dog bun
  • 1 -2 tablespoon strawberry preserves, to taste
  • kiwi, chopped & peeled for relish (optional)


  • Peel banana.
  • Spread peanut butter evenly on banana to give it a "hot dog-like" appearance.
  • Place in a hot dog bun.
  • Drizzle with strawberry preserves (ketchup) and chopped kiwi (relish), if desired.
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  1. resenjess
    Out of sliced bread and most other food in our house and desperate for something to make for DH's lunch to take to work, I found found a package of hot dot buns in the freezer and our last banana and made this. Peanut butter, banana, on a perfectly shaped bread for the job-yes! Thank you for lodging this idea in the recesses of my mind. It came up at the perfect time.
  2. KateL
    Well, DH fell for it! I arrived late from work, having left several Zaar recipes spread out on a placemat, and proceeded to make the recipe on the counter directly in his line of vision. Then I placed this on his placemat, "Here's your dinner!" It took a while for it to sink in... Then I announced I was taking him out to dinner, "Fooled Ya!" This was perfect for the man who craves peanut butter. Made for Top Favorites of 2008 Tag as a prize for Mom2Rose for tagging out appleydapply (aka "FROG #8).
  3. KateL
    April Fools' Day  Fooled Ya Hot Dog in a Bun Created by KateL
  4. Redneck Epicurean
    I made this and rated Sharon 123's recipe. Since this is the same recipe, my comments ended up here too. SO...thanks to Rose's Momma for giving me that head's up. With that, here is the comments I left for Sharon's recipe. "I would have NEVER thought of doing this. I guess the most simple delicious stuff doesn't occur to me. That's probably due to all the blond hair dye! LOL...but when I got home from the hospital, I started trying to find things that wouldn't tire me out to fix when Mom's not here and that I'm craving like mad bananas. This was PERFECT for breakfast! and didn't fill me up and stretch out my tummy stitches. I did toast my bun so it would be warm, used my blueberry all-fruit, and a big ole just yellow banana. I sure was a happy gal!"
  5. katie in the UP
    DH thought I was nuts!! I made one this morning for his breakfast!! I garnished with coconut used Strawberry jam. I toasted the bun. I won't eat this but I knew who would!! This is a perfect breakfast for kids...or big kids :))

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