15 Creative April Fools' Day Recipes That Will Fool Everyone

Looking for the perfect practical joke? From cheeseburger cake to faux french fries, we've got the devious dishes to help you trick your loved ones on April Fools' Day.

Cheeseburger Cake

"I made this for my son's birthday, and it was adorable! A few sprinkled Rice Krispies make very convincing sesame seeds."

-Farmer's Daughter

Hot Dog Cookies With Relish and Mustard

"My five year old had a great time asking our entire family if they wanted a hot dog, and then bringing them the cookie for a trick!"


Meatloaf Cake

"My family had a hard time because their brains were saying cake, but their mouths were saying meat loaf and mashed potatoes!"

-LB in Middle Georgia

Twinkie Sushi

"These are cute! I made them as a gag for a friend's party along with some regular sushi, and they were a big hit."


Fake Baked Potato

"This ice cream looks just like a baked potato topped with sour cream and butter...too fun!"


French Fries

"I can't believe how much they actually look like french fries after you bake them! This is a great joke to pull on somebody."


Jiggly Juice

"My kids fell for this on April Fools' Day hook, line and sinker. They all tried their juice in unison and turned blue trying to suck through their straws!"


Sunny Side Up Sundaes

"We bought some organic vanilla yogurt and found peaches in juice instead of syrup. This is a delicious and healthy dessert!"


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

"When I make a recipe that everyone not only eats, but argues over who gets the last one, I know that I have a winner."

-Cilantro in Canada

Hot Dog in a Bun

"Well, DH fell for it! This was perfect for the man who craves peanut butter."


Peach Surprise

"This was too funny. I gave it to my sleepy daughter one morning, and she kept trying to break the yolk!"

-cookee monster

Grilled Cheese

"This is an incredible addition to our April Fools' dinner! I fooled everyone."

-LB in Middle Georgia

Cheeseburger in Paradise Cookies

"I made these for a holiday cookie exchange, and they were a HIT! Everyone thought I had spent so much time on them, when they were actually less work than baking anything!"



"These were lots of fun! The meat loaf was superb — a real kid-pleaser."


Chicken Pot Pie

"This recipe is hilarious! I simplified it for my kids' cooking class by using pre-made, baked tart shells."

-* Pamela *