Al’s Award-Winning Garlic Cheese Ball

Recipe by Gormet Al
READY IN: 15mins
SERVES: 10-15




  • Open cream cheese and cheddar cheese placing them into large mixing bowl. On cutting board, finely chop green onions and place them in mixing bowl with cheeses. Do the same with the sliced beef. Beef and green onions may be finely chopped with a small food processor. Using a garlic press, mince garlic and place into mixing bowl.
  • Wait until cheeses have become soft; about 1 hour. Add lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Using your hands (this will be messy), thoroughly mix all ingredients in the bowl. When all ingredients are mixed well, place cheese ball on piece of foil. Roughly shape into ball with hands. Wash cheese ball stuff off of hands with warm water. With wet hands, smooth cheese ball into desired shape.
  • Place cheese ball into sealed plastic container and refrigerate overnight. (Or just refrigerate without placing into a sealed container and everything in your refrigerator will smell like garlic for about a week).
  • Take out of ‘fridge about an hour before serving. Serve with your favorite crackers.