Air Freshener

"This is a quick, simple, and inexpesive way to freshen your home. No toxic chemicals, all natural recipe from another informative website."
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins




  • Slice one or a combination of fruits.
  • Add slices to a simmering pot of water.
  • Simmer gently for an hour or so and a citrus scent will fill your home.
  • Cooking time is simmering time.

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  1. Well I just have to say that the instructions are lacking - I just did not know how thick to cut the slices, the exact amount of water or the size pan and then I wanted to double the recipe by using 3 orange slices and 3 lemon slices but I did not know how to do that! (ha ha ha - that was all a joke!). Seriously this is a GREAT room freshener and works quickly too - once that water gets to simmering the scent just floats in the air. Very nice scent for a summer day and after I'm done "cooking" this I could even add a teabag or two and make a lemon-orange tea! ;) Found and made during ZWT8 tour.
  2. Warning - do not let boil! The smell changes, and not for the better. It was simmering away, smelling nice and fresh, and then I turned the heat up on the wrong burner. It started boiling while I was in back, I came back in and the smell was not good at all, so - stick to a simmer!! Thanks lauralie! Made for ZWT8 trip to France.
  3. Smelled great. No chemicals. Got rid of an unpleasant odor (leftover fish). I stuck a few cloves in the lemon slices.
  4. I used some squeezed lemons & limes leftover from making cordial. The house smelt lovely & fresh while it was happily simmering away. The smell doesn't really permeate afterwards though which is a shame, would have loved for it to stick around a bit longer!
  5. I sold my first house using this recipe. Someone told me to put this on the stove to simmer before the showing and I got an offer on our house the next day. LOL



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