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"This is the Edgar Cayce 3 Day Apple Diet, diet is a misnomer, in actuality it's an intestinal cleanse / detox. Eat as many raw, unpeeled apples as you can to throughly clean out your system. Drink as much as you can of the pure water. The Unrefined Olive Oil is a food in itself. Because 3 days of anything became quite boring, I ate them whole, sliced into rings, chunks, semi chilled and at room temp. Like anything, check with your own Doctor for any preexisting conditions you may have prior to starting a detox. Prep time is washing and coring of an apple. Don't cleanse as often as you wish, use discretion with any detox, maybe monthly when you feel " gunked up ". You'll see dramatic changes ( skin, eyes, weight ) and feel lighter within when you Detox."
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Ready In:
3 days of apples


  • apple (raw, unpeeled, cored - mix of different varieties; Winesap, Jonathan, Golden & Red Delicious, Granny)
  • pure water (alot)
  • unrefined olive oil (up to a 1/2 Cup)


  • Eat only raw, unpeeled apples for 3 days, as many of any variety as you wish- Chewing them very well Drink only the pure water before or after the apples, not with them (you need your saliva to start the digestion process, not wash them down your Alimentary Canal) On the evening of the 3rd day, prior to bed, drink up to 1/2 Cup unrefined Olive oil Eat lightly the following few days, salades, fruit etc.

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  1. One of the tastier cleansing diets I've seen, and the shortest, too.
  2. Edgar Cayce is amazing! He is truely a man of God. I'm glad to see someone post this detox.
  3. I followed this exactly but only was able to drink 1/8c of olive oil. This was great and easy! I lost 10 lbs, (I'm sure everyone's results vary). I feel a lot more energetic today. I am ready now to start my healthier lifestyle. I thought maybe this would be 3 days of diarrhea. It was not at all like that at all. It was great and I feel "cleaner" now. Thanks!



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