28 Millennial Pink Kitchen Tools You Need In Your Life

Paint the town, or at least your kitchen, pink with these on-trend gadgets. Get one, or all of them, to outfit the best room in your home with the best color.

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equip your kitchen

October 3, 2018

With these kitchen supplies, from basic to seriously over-the-top, you can turn your kitchen from bland to pretty-in-pink.

baking dish

Buy now: $101.99


Buy now: $249.95

can opener

Buy now: $11.99

citrus squeezer

Buy now: $15.99


Buy now: $8.99

Dry Goods Containers

Buy now: $24.90

Cuisinart Food Processor

Buy now: $34.49

Cutting Board

Buy now: $7.90


Buy now: $1,999

Ice Cream Machine

Buy now: $44.99

Citrus Juicer

Buy now: $159.95

stovetop kettle

Buy now: $38.87

Kitchenaid Mixer

Buy now: $399.78

Knife Set

Buy now: $29.99

Dutch Oven

Buy now: $359.95

measuring cups

Buy now: $14.99

Microplane Zester

Buy now: $14.95

Oven Mitts

Buy now: $7.99

Electric Kettle

Buy now: $139.95

Pots & Pans Set

Buy now: $149.65

dish ware set

Buy now: $28.99

Rice Cooker

Buy now: $33.79


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Buy now: $4.32

Whisk Set

Buy now: $10.95

Hand Mixer

Buy now: $129.99