Healthy Tips

How to Make Yogurt

You'll never believe how simple this is.



Really good! Even 1- and 3-year-old kids slurped it up. We'll be having this again!

Green Machine Smoothie

Green Smoothies to Kick-Start Your Day

New year, new day, new you, right?

Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

Mama's Kitchen (Hope)

This really helped with my insomnia, plus it tastes so good!

Sweet Dreams Drink

Home-Cook Health & Diet Tips

Simple tips for getting your diet on track.

How to Boil Kale

Tenderize it in a flash.

Homemade Remedy Recipes

Discover the secrets home cooks swear by.

How to Pan-Sear Salmon

The crispy skin speaks for itself.

Avocado Smoothie

Prove your unequivocal love for avocados.

-Jen T



We really enjoyed the flavor. Wine is always a great ingredient, and it's so fun to enjoy the rest of the bottle!

Homemade Pasta Sauce