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10 Things to Make with Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy Greek yogurt adds tangy flavor to all kinds of dishes. From fluffy pancakes to tasty marinades and salad dressings, get inspired with these deliciously different ideas.

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake

"Divine! It's easy to make and delicious, and the mix of strawberry and lemon screams summer! The cake is amazing even without the lemon glaze, but don't leave it out."


Yummy Yogurt-Marinated Chicken

"I made this for a small dinner party and it was a hit! The chicken turned out nice and brown, but the yogurt kept the meat juicy and tender. The flavor of the spices was just right."


Easy Butternut Squash Soup

"This is a lovely soup! It's quick and easy, and the yogurt and freshly grated nutmeg really made it extra tasty."


Greek Yogurt Pancakes

"We loved these pancakes! They reminded me of sourdough pancakes, and they came out so light and fluffy. As long as we have Greek yogurt in the house, this will be our go-to pancake recipe!"

-Lucky in Bayview

Creamy Santa Fe Chicken & Rice

"This is a really healthy recipe that tastes like it isn't! It's perfect for an after-work dinner that will be satisfying and full of protein."


Coconut Mango Smoothie

"This hit the spot on a day spent in the kitchen. It was a mini vacation from the heat of the stove! I have a smoothie nearly every day all year-round, and this will be on my list."

-Chef PotPie

Chicken Salad

"This recipe is a great way to use seasonal fruit to make a delicious meal! You can either use poached chicken breasts or diced rotisserie chicken."


Loaded Salad with Yogurt Dressing

"This is a fantastic salad! The dressing is wonderful — it's herby, creamy and fresh! The salad ingredients are some of my favorites: avocado, bacon, tomato, cucumbers and cheese. Wow!"


Spicy Lamb Kebabs

"Super tasty! It has the perfect amount of tang from the hot paprika, and the other spices worked beautifully together."

-Peter J

Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

"This looks absolutely beautiful, and tastes just as fabulous. I love the addition of the orange rind and the citrus juice — the nuts add a special touch. I would certainly serve this to guests any day."