Yogurt a Go Go C/O --Tasty Dish--

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is kinda like the yogurt parfaits sold at McDonalds. Mommy found this on kidshealth.org. You will need a clear plastic cup or glass serving dish to serve the yogurt.

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  1. Start by placing half the yogurt in the cup.
  2. Layer with the raisins, the remaining yogurt, then the sunflower seeds.
  3. For the final layer, top with the fresh fruit of choice.
  4. Yummy!
  5. Ooopsie, I almost forgot to tell you! If you choose to use plain yogurt for the flavored yogurt, Mommy says it would be best to drain the plain yogurt first so it doesn't make everything else mooshy. Sometimes Mommy will add a pinch of raw sugar, a few drops of real maple syrup or stir in a swirl of softened honey to the plain yogurt. *WARNING*: DO NOT feed honey to children under 2 years of age.
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This was very tasty and a great filling start to the day. I really enjoyed the combination of creamy, fruity and crunchy. :) For my fruit I used plums and that was really nice with a tangy low-fat plain yogurt, sweet dried cherries and sunflower seeds. Thank you so much for sharing a healthy keeper, hon!
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Lalaloula July 28, 2012

What a great dessert! I used cherry Yoplait, dried cherries, the sunflower seeds and maraschino cherries. I was in cherry heaven! Woooo hooo! Next time I think I'll try some granola instead of the dried fruit and sunflower seeds. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Tasty Dish!

Impera_Magna October 05, 2007