Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is my basic background icing when icing cookies. It tastes fantastic and gives wonderful results. For example I will use this for the red and orange background icing for Halloween cookies and then use royal icing for faces and more intricate detail. Originally from Gerhard Jenne.


  1. Mix together to an even smooth consistency.
Most Helpful

This couldn't get any simpler. Tasted wonderful too. I used the fresh lime juice in mine, Tasted superb on the lime cookies I made.

Tricia Foley April 08, 2007

I thought this was a great icing. Incredibly simple to make, easy to adjust thickness or thinness - just add a little more sugar or a little more lemon juice. Tasted yummy (I thought) and gave me a wonderfully smooth, glassy finish when dried. I'd give 5 stars, except the boyfriend didn't like the taste at all, so it gets dinged for that. Thanks for sharing!

Digigirl April 27, 2005

I used this on a lemon bundt cake I made. Made the cake very pretty and a touch of extra sweetness. Just what I was looking for with no dairy! Thank you Missy!

AzureLynn July 24, 2004