Warm New Potato Salad - New Zealand

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 20 mins

from Radio New Zealand


  1. Cover the potatoes with salted water and simmer until tender. Put the eggs in another saucepan and simmer for 8 minutes. Snap the stalky ends from the asparagus and cook the spears in salted water for 4 - 5 minutes. Cut the mint into thin slices.
  2. Make a dressing by combining the orange juice and zest with the oil and salt and pepper.
  3. Gently combine the warm potatoes, shelled and halved boiled eggs and asparagus, with the dressing on a nice serving plate. Scatter over the mint and serve as an entrée or light lunch dish with some fresh wholemeal bread.
  4. (If you want to make this very luxurious you could add some slices of smoked salmon).

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