Total Time
24hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 24 hrs

This is a very tasty treat that comes from Vietnam. Sweet and tart at the same time. The texture of this is yogurt is very different from your average yogurt. It has the same appearance and smell from your same plain yogurt. You don't stir this type of yogurt when you eat it. I don't know how long this takes to turn out, but when I do the last hot bath I leave it overnight.

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  1. First mix the boiling water and sweet milk together until smooth in a bowl.
  2. With a spoon or whisk.
  3. Set Aside Mix the milk and plain yogurt together until smooth in another bowl; with a spoon or whisk.
  4. Mix both mixtures together.
  5. Until there are no yogurt lumps.
  6. Pour this mixture into little plastic containers.
  7. This makes 8 small yogurt containers.
  8. You can also use baby food jars.
  9. Place your yogurt containers into something that can hold water.
  10. Make a bath for the containers.
  11. I use a large pot.
  12. Make a kettle of boiling water and pour it carefully into the pot until the water has reached almost to the top of your yogurt containers.
  13. Do not get water into your yogurt mixture.
  14. Place a towel over your bath.
  15. When the boiling water has cooled completely.
  16. The yogurt mixture should have set a little bit.
  17. Repeat step 12.
  18. You should only have a hot bath twice.
  19. When the water bath has cooled completely.
  20. Put in the refrigerator to keep cold until served.
  21. *The yogurt should taste sweet and tart.
  22. *If the yogurt is sweet and not set; then the bath of water was hot for too long.
  23. Do not have your containers over a burner to keep the water warm.
  24. This will cause it to be too sweet and not set.


Most Helpful

I made this recipe and it's really good. I have a yogurt maker, so I finished the recipe in the electric heated yogurt maker instead of the water bath. Six hours of incubation in the electric yogurt maker is just about right for a well balanced sweet / sour combination.

Wheres_the_Beef? September 19, 2009

I have learned from experience that (step 12 of the recipe) pouring boiling water will make the yogurt too sweet. Instead, I have modified by pour hot water. This makes the yogurt more tasty. Thank you "HONEEY" for sharing this. :)

Jenn Truong February 12, 2004

I made this and it tasted great. It was not as tart as I had hoped. My fussy, picky eater son loved it. I did research after making this that boiling hot water will kill the good bacteria. I now found a way to make yogurt without it getting over 120 degrees (culture death temp). It you do not care about probiotics it doesn't matter.

Jennifer M. February 04, 2015

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