The " Shut Up, Sandi " Quesadilla / Quesadillas

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 10 mins

I've been in major whine mode lately and this little gem was my husband's clever method of putting something besides complaints in my mouth. It was a roaring (so to speak) success! Or at least temporarily. It uses the lovely Dutch aged gouda cheese, something this puppy depends on. Not smoked and not the stuff you buy at most markets, but the genuine, aged a minimum of 1 year, article. Measurements are approximate. By the way, did you know that the Dutch pronounce gouda as "HOW-duh"? I almost titled this recipe "Gouda You Do", but I didn't want tomatoes thrown at me. (!)

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  1. Heat skillet over medium-low heat.
  2. Butter one side of the tortilla and place it buttered side down in the heated skillet.
  3. Layer ½ the tortilla with the remaining ingredients starting and ending with cheese shreds.
  4. Fold in half and cook in covered skillet for approximately 8 minutes or until cheese melts.
  5. Remove lid, raise heat to medium-high and brown quesadilla on both sides to your desired darkness. I like mine crispy and carcinogenic. ;o).


Most Helpful

This is delicious. I put 2 chopped black olives on one half to compare, it was good both ways.

Karen R. May 06, 2014

I think I died and went to heaven. This was the BEST Quesadilla I've ever had. I have never had gouda by itself before and it was DELICIOUS. I used smoked because for some reason, I was thinking that was what the recipe called for. I also didn't use the scallions, but it was a personal taste preference. The flavor combo of the Gouda, tomato, and cilantro was perfect. I served mine with homemade guacamole and that was just the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing, I'll be making this a lot. Too bad I'm supposed to be dieting :p UPDATE: I made it for lunch the next day and nearly died again, it was so wonderful. I went to make it again on the 3rd day and realized I was out of tomato and guacamole... so I went to the store today and got more ingredients :) My boyfriend thinks it is the best as well.

HEATHER H. December 10, 2009

Ok, this is very easy and was a great snack Sandi! I HAD to use the "stuff" you buy at most markets but am planning a trip to Trader Joes to get the genuine article for the next ones. I love the flavor of these babies and will be making them again this weekend with "the good stuff". Thank you Sandi, and you do NOT have to "shut up" LOL

*OzMan* September 16, 2006

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