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Another helpful tip from a book by Jerry Baker. Here's a laundry challenge that's been around as long as laundry itself: getting yellow perspiration stains out of shirt underarms. To treat white shirts, there's nothing better than this recipe.

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  1. Since Sunshine is probably not a computer friendly word in the database of ingredients for a recipe site, I'll just add it as a footnote.
  2. Otherwise it would be listed as an ingredient.
  3. Pour 1/2 cup of lemon juice or squeeze two lemons into a half-full laundry tub of hot water.
  4. (if you're doing a full load, add twice as much lemon).
  5. Soak your clothes for an hour or overnight, then put them through the wash cycle.
  6. Add the juice of one more lemon to the rinse cycle, then hang your clothes in the sun to dry.
  7. Lemon and sunshine combine to make nature's best bleach, and so far, nothing the detergent industry has come up with can top it.
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I used this on some stained pillow cases. I soaked them overnight and left them on the line to dry in the sunshine all day. I'm very pleased with the outcome. The stain didn't come out completely but it's vastly diminished. Thanks for sharing. I'll be using this again.

Neat idea, haven't tried this yet (haven't needed to luckily), but the power of lemon juice plus sunshine is definitely evident in a variety of beauty and household products, both homemade and store-bought. I'll save this just in case I ever need the ratios. :) Thanks txgammi.