Suntanned Peeps Marshmallow Easter Candy

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

Trust me!! If you are a Peeps fan, and you can bear to mistreat them so, this really is good! It's a good use for some that have gone stale.


  1. Spear the chick or bunnie on the fork.
  2. Roast them over a fire just like you would roast a regular marshmallow.
  3. The sugar on the outside will go all caramel brown. This is when you stop!
  4. Have ready a graham cracker as a beach towel for your now suntanned peep to land on. DO NOT just pop one into your mouth because the inside is like molten lava at this point!The inside should be gooey and the ouside should be crispy.
  5. Cool slightly and enjoy!
Most Helpful

Haha, what a riot! Sounds like a fun idea. My mom loves Peeps (a bit more than I do), and she also let's hers go stale on purpose. She says they taste better that way. It depends on my mood, if I feel like a mushy sugary marshmallow, I'll eat em fresh, if not, I let em get stale, heh. Sounds like fun, thanks Kellymike. :)

blancpage April 13, 2007

the recipe is easy, but what is a stale peep? that never happens in my house lol. DD1 actually lets her peeps get stale on purpose(why?). i bet this would be good with chocolate or cinammon graham crackers, too. I LOVE PEEPS!!!

mandabears March 28, 2007