Spiced Warm Apple Cider

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

Warms hearts and souls! A soothing drink to unwind with! Sometimes I add a tablespoon or two of orange juice concentrate just for a change! Adapted from Country Living magazine and tweaked a little. This may easily be halved or even quartered.

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  1. In a 3 quart saucepan, combine cider, orange juice concentrate if using, sugar, cinnamon sticks, allspice berries, ginger, and cloves.
  2. Heat to a simmer and allow to cook 20 minutes.
  3. Strain into a pitcher and garnish with orange slices.
  4. Serve warm.
  5. Enjoy!
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Very nice indeed. I followed Mikekey's lead to make it more diabetic friendly and didn't find it lacking in anything. I had a mug with tonight's dinner of Sage-Rubbed Pork Chops With Warm Apple Slaw. I'm glad there is a lot left. :D

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Quite tasty! Just the right amount of spice. To make this more diabetic friendly, I only used half of the orange juice concentrate and left out the brown sugar, and it was still just fine! We enjoyed Christmas day while just sitting around relaxing. I put this all in the crockpot early in the morning and let it simmer for about 3 hours. Made for 2009 Partying The Diabetic Way game.

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Oh, Sharon - you certainly know how to totally spoil someone's taste buds!!!! This was absolutely delicious! I used the orange juice, and I halved the recipe, but I will be making it again in the next few days, I can assure you of that. I was a little worried that I might not be able to get the cinnamon sticks, the ginger root, or the allspice berries, but for once our supermarket came through and had them all! This is one recipe that I will be making often - especially with temps approaching us of 30 degrees below zero. It will be wonderful to curl up on my recliner, cover in an afghan, or quilt, and just sip and read a good book. That's my idea of paradise. Thanks, Sharon, it was great!!!