Soursop Punch

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Total Time
40 mins
20 mins

A delightfully refreshing drink, especially for those with a sweet tooth

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  • 1 soursop, fruit medium sized
  • 709.78 ml cold water
  • 1 strip lime peel
  • 400 g can condensed milk (amount to suit taste) or 2 (800 g) can condensed milk (amount to suit taste)


  1. wash & peel soursop.
  2. Mash in bowl with lime peel.
  3. gradually stir in 1 pint water.
  4. mix well & strain throuogh muslin cloth.
  5. Add other 1/2 pint water , repeat process, making sure all flavour is out.
  6. Add condensed milk to taste for sweetness.
  7. Chill well before serving over Ice.
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