Skillet Chicken Ranch Tacos

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Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

Found this on Pinterest. They sound and look delicious.

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  • 709.77 ml cooked chicken, cut up
  • 35.43 g package taco seasoning
  • 118.29 ml ranch dressing
  • taco shell
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • ranch dressing
  • tomato


  1. Heat a skillet over med-high heat.
  2. Add chicken & warm it for a few minutes.
  3. Sprinkle on the dry taco seasoning.
  4. Do not add any water.
  5. Heat for 5-7 minuted until all heated through & powder is stuck to the chicken.
  6. Add Ranch dressing, heat an additional 2-3 minutes to warm through.
  7. Serve in taco shells with additional toppings.