Simple Cornish Hen Ala Crock-Pot

Total Time
8hrs 15mins
15 mins
8 hrs

My favorite cooking appliance is the crockpot. It is so versatile and I am finding can be used for anything. I came up with this recipe and just made it last evening very easy. Only 4 ingredients.

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  • 2 Cornish hens, split
  • 2 white onions, sliced
  • 10 small red new potatoes, halved
  • spike seasoning


  1. Split the hens lengthwise wash and pat dry.
  2. Slice the onions.
  3. Halve the potatoes.
  4. Spray a light coating of nonstick spray on bottom of crockpot.
  5. Sprinkle chicken liberally with spike seasoning both inside and out.
  6. Lay hens skin side down on bottom of crock pot.
  7. Layer onion slices on top of hens.
  8. Dump Potatoes on Onions.
  9. Sprinkle more Spike seasoning.
  10. Cover crock pot. Turn to high for about 4 hours and then on warm till served.