Salsa De Molcajete (Molcajete Sauce)

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

While most table salsas are either fresh or cooked, in this version the flavor of the chiles and tomato is intensified by roasting. Some salsas can be made in a blender, but the texture of this one is much better when made in the traditional molcajete, as it is important that it be chunky, not smooth.


  1. On a comal or iron skillet, roast the chiles and tomatoes for 8 minutes or until they are soft.
  2. Peel off and discard the burned skin from the tomatoes.
  3. In a mortar or molcajete, grind the chiles and garlic. When they are roughly chopped, add the tomatoes and continue grinding.
  4. Add salt. Serve in the molcajete or a small bowl.