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Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

From the Maine Beverage Board.

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  1. Combine all in shaker with ice. Serve on the rocks in a margarita glass. Garnish with a lime slice.
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Nothing says cocktail hour like... I had a brilliant comment...but I just can't seem to remember it.

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YES! OH YES! This is so yummy! I tried this first without the ice and was disappointed. It was good but I thought it would be better. I added the ice and WOW! SHAZZZZZAAAAMMM! Beautiful! I used Chambord, Herradura Tequila and ... yes... bottled lime juice! I did garnish wth a fresh lime and squeezed the fresh juice in. IMHO the more lime the better. For the sweet and sour... now do not laugh... I used crystal light pink lemonade, which has fast become my sweet and sour mixer since I am dieting. I always have that in the fridge these days and it was easy and low cal to boot! DH looked at me like I was nuts mixing these things together, but honey, it works! Julie, you have never let me down. Another GREAT recipe! Thank you!