Pili-Pili Zucchini--Oww Hot!

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 5 mins

I love hot food and this has caused me to become addicted to zucchini. Here in France, while rummaging around my cupboard, I found a bottle of spice marked "Piments de langue d'oiseau--Pili-Pili). I said hmm, looks like paprika, and threw a whole bunch on my zucchini. Turns out pili pili is sorta hot. But, boyyyyy, is it good! I have no idea what this would be in America or if you can even get it, so you could probably sub a mix of hot paprika and cayenne. But pili pili, which is from Africa and just means "pepper pepper" is the best. *NOTE* I do not measure when I cook. So this is just guesstimated for the 'Zaar computer. I go 1 zucchini per person (small zucchini, not the baseball bats!) and however hot you want it.

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  1. Heat olive oil in non-stick pan.
  2. Dump in zucchini.
  3. Sprinkle with pili-pili and pepper. Toss.
  4. Run and get a kleenex to wipe your nose and eyes from the wildly hot fumes given off by the cooking zucchini.
  5. You can even open a window.
  6. When zucchini are tender/goldeny, remove and enjoy with just about anything.
Most Helpful

It is hot but we loved it. I can't get Pili-Pili so I used Peri-Peri same thing very very hot spice. I only lightly sprayed the pan and cooked the zucchini for minutes so they were still heated through but firm Easy recipe and Mmm Hot

Bergy February 03, 2009