Orange-Cranberry Sparkler

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Total Time
30 mins
0 mins

Was a really nice addition to our Christmas brunch!

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  1. 1. 6 lbs of tangerines/clementines is 2 bags of cuties.
  2. 2. Chill tangerines/clementiens over night
  3. 3. squeeze both bags of tangerines or clementines into 1 pitcher.
  4. 4. use a sieve to filter the pulp out of the juice.
  5. 5. pour 1/2 the seltzer water into the pitcher which will be used for serving.
  6. 6. pour clementine juice into the 2nd pitcher.
  7. 7. pour cranberry juice cocktail into the 2nd pitcher.
  8. 8. pour the rest of the seltzer water into the 2nd pitcher.
  9. 8. stir until combined.