Mushroom Jus - 2-Qt. Pressure Cooker

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READY IN: 50mins
Recipe by KateL

Entered for safe-keeping, adapted from Nathan Myhrvold & Maxime Bilet's "Modernist Cuisine at Home". This can be used to dress a risotto, poached eggs or steaks, or to intensify the mushroom flavor in Cream of Mushroom Soup or Barley with Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine. I estimate that a 2.5-qt. Pressure Cooker would be big enough. (Portabella mushrooms are large Crimini mushrooms.) (The following oils have a neutral taste: beef tallow, canola, chicken fat, clarified butter, refined coconut oil, corn oil, duck fat, grapeseed oil, refined peanut oil, pork lard, safflower oil, soybean oil or sunflower oil.) (If vegan, please do not use butter or bacon.)

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  1. Over high heat, melt clarified butter or neutral oil in pressure cooker. Sauté mushrooms and shallots (and optional porcini mushrooms or bacon) until the mushrooms and shallots turn golden, about 12 minutes.
  2. Add the water, sherry, and port or Chardonnay. Combine with mushroom mixture.
  3. Secure lid, and pressure-cook at 1 bar (low pressure) for 25 minutes. (Start timing as soon as full pressure has been reached. (If your stovetop runs hot and you have difficulty maintaining only 1 bar of pressure, either double stack burner grates or use a heat diffuser.).
  4. Remove from heat. Let cooker depressurize naturally.
  5. Strain the stock through a fine sieve. Discard the solids.
  6. Measure 2 cups of the mushroom stock (500 mL or 500 g).
  7. Into the measured 2 cups stock, blend white miso and soy sauce. Allow to infuse for 4 minutes.
  8. Strain.
  9. Season the jus with salt to taste and/or sherry vinegar to taste.
  10. Serve the jus warm.

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