Chicken Leg Fricassee - 8-Qt Pressure Cooker

READY IN: 1hr 4mins




  • Trim tops of carrots to 1-inch. Set aside. Tie thyme and sage sprigs together with cooking twine.
  • Sprinkle chicken evenly with salt and pepper. Place flour in a shallow dish. Dredge chicken in flour. (Alternatively, put flour and salt and pepper in a strong plastic zip bag and one-at-a-time shake chicken leg quarter in bag and press flour onto chicken.) Let chicken pieces rest on a plate (chicken pieces not touching each other) until Step 5.
  • Melt butter in an 8-quart pressure cooker over medium-high heat.
  • Add oil to cooker, swirl to coat.
  • Place 2 chicken leg quarters, flesh side down, in cooker. Sauté 5 minutes or until browned. Set aside (fresh plate) until Step 9.
  • Repeat Step 5 with remaining 2 chicken quarters. When browned, they can be be added to the other chicken leg quarters.
  • Place mushrooms in cooker. Sauté 4 minutes or until liquid evaporates. Remove mushrooms from cooker using a slotted spoon.
  • Stir in wine, scraping cooker to loosen browned bits. Bring to a boil; cook 30 seconds.
  • Add chicken, tied herb sprigs, and broth to cooker.
  • Close lid securely. Bring to high pressure over high heat. Reduce heat to medium or level needed to maintain high pressure. Cook 6 minutes.
  • Remove cooker from heat. Use quick release method favored by your pressure cooker manufacturer: release pressure through steam vent, or place cooker under cold running water to release pressure.
  • Remove lid, directing steam away from you.
  • Transfer chicken to a platter.
  • Remove vegetables from cooker using a slotted spoon; arrange on the platter with the chicken. Cover and keep warm.
  • Strain cooking liquid through a cheesecloth-lined sieve into a large bowl. Discard solids.
  • Transfer liquid to a large, wide skillet over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil. Cook until reduced to 1 cup (about 12 minutes).
  • Stir chopped thyme and sage into sauce. Serve sauce with chicken and vegetables.