Mullein Garlic Ear Oil

READY IN: 9hrs
Recipe by Sharon123

Have an earache? This will help soothe. Mullein is a common plant that is seen along roadsides. It grows a tall flower spike and the leaves are soft and wooly feeling. Mullein is used for treating inflamations and swellings.It cleanses the lymphatic system generally. It is also good for earache!

Top Review by Roosie

I've had ear problems forever, often getting ear infections when I was little. Whenever I am coming down with a cold or when the pressure shifts or the temperature changes suddenly, my ears start to ache. I tried this during a mid-cold earache, and found it very soothing. It really helped the pain immediately as well as helped it not reoccur. It is easy to make and a great remedy if you have ear problems like me. I will use this again next time I have an earache when I am coming down with a cold, as those are really the worst and I'll update to let you know how it worked then. Thanks for posting, Sharon!

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  1. To Prepare:.
  2. Chop the garlic into small pieces. Place the garlic and mullein flowers in a small glass jar with a lid. Cover the mullein flowers with olive oil and allow to set in the sun for several days, or heat over very low heat for 4 hours. If you are using fresh mullein flowers, cover your jar with cheesecloth rather than a lid to allow moisture to escape. Strain the oil through cheesecloth and store your oil in a small dropper bottle in the refrigerator.
  3. To Use:.
  4. Warm the oil to body temperature by placing the bottle of oil in a glass of hot water for a few minutes. Insert 2-3 drops in the affected ear 2-3 times per day.
  5. If there is fluid oozing from the ear or any chance that the ear drum is perforated do not use the ear oil and consult your doctor.

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