Molded Mints from Swiftning

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Recipe by Dienia B.

very old molded mint recipe from norfolk ne mrs hahn said this recipe from luella used swiftning shortening instead of butter ,which was 1/2 lard 1/2 shortening , in the 40s im guessing egg whites also three flavors butter flavor mint or cinnamon and almond . this recipe recipe instructions very light .no amount was given for powdered sugar . im just putting this on cause i dont want it lost ,i cant find another recipe like it

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  1. mix with mixer the swiftening (shortening) add 2 teaspoon powdered sugar
  2. and egg white add powdered sugar and cream of tarter
  3. after with water
  4. divide in 3 parts add 1 teaspoon butter flavoring in 1 part
  5. add add mint flavoring and green food coloring to color you like
  6. 1 teaspoon almond food coloring or cinnamon flavoring
  7. dip molds in sugar
  8. could need more powdered sugar if
  9. be sure to knead good underlined
  10. let dry 1/2 hour or so , other recipes say flip over and dry some more.

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