Mc Donald's Vanilla Iced Coffee (Copycat Recipe)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

This is my copy cat version of McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee. It does taste close to Mc Donald's Vanilla Iced Coffee. I did a taste test between theirs and mine, and was surprised how both taste quite similar. Others have told me this as well.


  1. Add coffee grounds inside filter/basket, and adjust basket to fit coffee maker.
  2. Pour cold water into coffee maker.
  3. Start brewing the coffee.
  4. After coffee's done brewing, turn off coffee maker, and set pot aside for coffee to cool somewhat.
  5. Combine brewed coffee and sweetened condensed milk into a large pitcher.
  6. Stir thoroughly until coffee and condensed milk is blended together.
  7. Stir in the vanilla extract. Refrigerate until coffee is chilled.
  8. Onced chilled; pour in glasses filled with ice cubes.
  9. This makes (58 oz.) of vanilla iced coffee, about 5-(12 oz.) servings each.
  10. Note: Preptime and cook time may vary. Depending on your coffee maker, cook time may take less than time stated, or perhaps a few minutes more.
Most Helpful

No tweaking here! It tastes like the real deal to me. I no longer have to go to Micky Dees to purchase there's. Now I can enjoy it anytime by making it myself, and save a few bucks. Delicious coffee, and thanks for posting this recipe. I look forward to making it again.

etc... September 26, 2015

While this is indeed a recipe for iced coffee, it's not anything like McDonald's recipe. As a former employee, I can assure you there is no sweetened condensed milk. It's made with double strength coffee, vanilla flavored syrup, and half and half. That's it.

RNLovelies2012 February 17, 2012