creamy vanilla iced coffee

"I based this recipe from the starbucks iced coffees i get often."
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  • blend all ingredients except ice in blender.
  • add ice and blend until smooth.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. I made 2 batches of this delicious tasting coffee yesterday, as I was experimenting with a few of the ingredients. I found the coffee definitely needed a bit more sugar, so I added 2 tablespoons. Also, I used 2% milk. When it came time to add the instant coffee, I found the 2 teaspoons was just not enough for the recipe, so the first time I made this, I ended up adding 2-1/2 teaspoons, which made for a medium-tasting iced coffee (which was very good) and the 2nd time I made this, I added 3 teaspoons of the instant coffee, which made for a stronger tasting coffee beverage, and that was good too. For those who like their iced coffees with more coffee flavor, I suggest adding the 3 teaspoons, and for those who prefer their iced coffees (medium strength) like me, just add the 2-1/2 teasp., and for those who like theirs with just a slight hint of coffee flavor, only add the 2 teaspoons of instant coffee. Note: One other thing I wanted to mention sure to add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the recipe, or your iced coffee will taste somewhat bitter; especially if you only add the 1 tablespoon. "Thank you" meatymeatball for posting such a delicious tasting iced coffee recipe. I also like the fact that I had all the ingredients on hand, plus it only took me a few minutes to throw this all together.
  2. Nice little drink. Quick and easy. Added a little more coffee for a stronger coffee flavor. Thanks jill hampton. Bullwinkle.
  3. Good quick coffee fix! I threw all of the ingredients in the blender, including instant coffee, and was pleasantly suprised when they blended completely. Very frothy, not overly sweet. Someone with a real sweet tooth may want a bit more sugar, but I found it quite good as is. A nice change from the chocolate/mocha versions. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
  4. I was longing for coffee in the evening today and that was when I made this creamy frothy coffee. I found this bitter, actually with just a tsp. of sugar. I had to add as much as 3 tsps. more for 1 serving(1 mug) and then poured it over lots of ice cubes. Wonderful! This made 2 servings for me(2 mugs). The second one is sitting in the refrigerator right now;-) Thanks for satisfying my coffee craving!



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