Marinated Sea Bass With Cilantro and Ginger

Total Time
4hrs 10mins
4 hrs
10 mins

This is my favorite fish recipe. The combination of ginger and the cilantro is to die for. Just add some white rice and a rum punch and you'll think you're on a Caribbean vacation! Although the recipe says Sea Bass, you can use any mild flavored fish and have excellent results. I've tried this with grouper, snapper, mahi-mahi and cod. The recipe calls for 4 hours or marinating time, but I often only have about an hour - and it tastes great just the same! The recipe is from La Jolla Cooks, a fundraising cookbook for La Jolla Country Day School

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  1. Mix all ingredients together in a shallow non-reactive container.
  2. Marinate fish in mixture for 4 hours, spooning some of the mixture over the fish.
  3. Grill fillets on the grill or on a hot griddle.
  4. Baste with marinade on both sides until fish is cooked. (Don't use marinade on COOKED fish).