Just Like Lofthouse Easy Pink Sugar Cookie Frosting - Copycat

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Recipe by Jaylee

I made the Pound Cake Cookies also listed on this site, which were said to be like Lofthouse cookies. Thus, I wanted a frosting to match and this is what I came up with. It's not an exact match, but I think it is pretty good. It's not really for "decorated" cut out cookies, but more a schmear for plain round ones. Add sprinkles for fun & crunch! (It makes exactly enough to generously frost the large 25 cookies I got from the Pound Cake Cookie recipe.)

Top Review by Margie99

I didn't really think it tasted like Lofthouse frosting but I thought it was a great frosting. It worked perfectly for the sugar cookies that we did yesterday. I did use milk instead of half and half which may have affected the consistency some.

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  1. Directions are simple-- using a handheld mixer and a small bowl or a food processor with a smaller bowl-- beat all ingredients until well mixed.
  2. Start slow or you will be covered with powdered sugar. :).
  3. The consistency should not be too firm, but also not runny. It should hesitatingly drip/plop from your spatula if you scoop up a dollop and hold it over the bowl.
  4. Use an extra tablespoon of cream, or of powdered sugar to regulate the thickness.
  5. It is best to ice the cooled cookies with the frosting right after you make it, as it will almost be perfectly smooth when it sets.
  6. Know that if you put it in the fridge it will firm up to almost twice as hard as it is right after you mix it, and when it is cold you can use the mixer on it again to "fluff it up" for other applications like cupcakes.
  7. It makes about a cup and a half of frosting.

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