I'll fake Manhattan (Mocktail)

Total Time
Prep 0 mins
Cook 3 mins

Another fun non-alcoholic drink I found out "surfing"

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  1. Stir over ice.
  2. Serve in chilled cocktail glass.
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Thanks for this recipe! Great flavor! Only change we wanted was for the clarity of it to look more like the real thing. We found carbonated clear mandarin orange from Walmart "Clear American sparkling water" that kept it a lovely translucent color.

Great job!

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DH gave up alcohol for Lent, so liked the idea of a non-alcoholic Manhattan. Lot easier to make than the real Manhattan anyway (no muddling!). He loved the first so much, he had me make him two more (the 4th I told him he had to learn how to make himself, LOL!). Tonight I'm just going to make a pitcher of the stuff!

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How cute! I have a friend who served something similar to these to me while I was pregnant and visiting so I wouldnt feel "left out". But the name wasn't nearly as adorable! She sometimes used crushed ice instead of the rocks. Thanks for posting =)

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