Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 3 mins

my favourite smoothie recipe, I am 8 years old and every morning I make myself a smoothie to start the day. I make this using fresh pineapple too. Mom watches while I use the magic bullet machine or the blender which makes cooking fun.

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  1. Remove the peel from banana and using a table knife cut the banana into chunks.
  2. Put the fruit, yogurt, and milk into a blender.
  3. Cover the top with the lid and blend on high speed until nice and smooth.
  4. Turn off blender and pour into a glass.
  5. Use the scraper to get all of the drink out of the blender.
  6. This makes one serving, you can double the recipe for two kids.
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This was very good -- and using the frozen strawberries is a great idea (but could easily be done using fresh and some crushed ice as others have mentioned too when they are in season!).

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At our house we all love smoothies especially with bananas and yogurt! Adding strawberries makes this extra good. Whenever we had fresh strawberries on hand this summer out came the blender - with the fresh berries used some crushed ice. This is equally good with frozen strawberries. We all gave this the thumbs up and an all agreed - five stars for your Smoothie combination making it the one we will be serving over the holidays. Thank you for sharing.

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I used a stick blender and this whipped up in moments. The banana makes it rather thick, but the tast is lovely. Not having access to frozen strawberries here in the Netherlands, I used fresh and the flavour came though very nicely indeed. Please see my rating system: a wonderful 4 stars for a smoothie I will definiately be making again. Thanks Dinglebop!