Total Time
1hr 35mins
Prep 1 hr 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

I know, it doesn't really take much to sort out grilling vegetables. Consider this a base recipe to which you could adjust or add any flavourings you like, to best suit your meal. I like this combo, it goes well with most bbq'd items. It makes enough marinade to grill veggies for 4 - give or take. I don't have an exact measurement for how much veg to use, so for instance; 2-3 zucchini or 1 lg vegatable marrow, with a few bell peppers and some mushrooms is about right for 4. Anytime I turn on the bbq I grill up some veg like this to use in salads and sandwiches etc. If it's more of a main feature of your bbq'd meal, you might want to serve with a garlic mayo or other sauce along side. (Prep time includes the hour to marinate...give it longer if you can).

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  1. Mix up all of the marinade ingredients holding back just a tbsp of the chopped fresh basil (or other fresh herb) to use as a garnish.
  2. Slice up your vegetables. For eggplants I like to slice them in 1/2 inch rounds - but let them sit in a colander sprinkled with salt for about 20 minutes before hand as it takes away the bitter taste. Zucchini I like to slice lenghtways into 1/2 inch strips. Bell peppers you can slice off the tops and clean out the inside, then slice into 3 inch or wider strips.
  3. Place the veg into a large container with a lid, pour in the marinade and give it a gentle toss so that all sides of each piece have been coated. Cover and let sit, covered, for about an hour - longer in the fridge if you have the time. I put mine in a snug fitting tupperware type container and flip it now and again while it sits.
  4. Grill over medium heat on the BBQ to your liking. Sprinkle with the reserved chopped herbs and some lemon wedges.
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Excellent marinade. I used it on zucchini. Used basil, thyme and lemon verbena. I brought it to my sisters to grill and we ended up cooking it under the broiler.

Rita~ September 14, 2012

We loved these grilled veggies a lot: I prepared the double quantity as I needed for 2 eggplants, 2 zucchetti and 2 red belll peppers. I used 3 different kind of basil as well as fresh savory. I kept a small portion of the marinade to serve with the grilled veggies.

We served this with grilled lamb: a phantastic choice!
This is a light recipe and can be made gluten free simply checking at the Worcestershire Sauce first. On the marked there a gluten free brand and if you don't find it you can prepare your own 4 weeks in advance with a Homemade Worcestershire Sauce as Homemade Worcestershire Sauce (check all the ingredients first and use for example the kikkoman gluten free soy sauce).
Done for ZWT8 Australia/New Zeeland Gluten freee Challange.

awalde August 09, 2012

I used this marinade to grill asparagus and baby carrots. I used the basil and savory suggested in the ingredients list and loved it. Thanks for sharing. Made for Veggie Swap 37.

Dreamer in Ontario August 03, 2011